LÉNAIM is an anagram of its owner name. Behind this brand there’re two young minds and their focus is to provide the best quality designed pret and the most important thing is that it should be reachable whether the question is about its fabric, fashion, or price range…the brand was started in 2018 with a very small amount of money but two strong minds as they put forth their efforts and started with nothing but just a plan and now it’s the talk of the town and everyday its flourishing even more and most likeable designs so far…..Today LÉNAIM is considered as a diverse  fashion brand with a versatility in pret like, couture, formal wear, minimal design, embroidered fabrics all within one affordable label plus we not only work within Pakistan but also deliver our products to different COUNTRIES like U.S, CANADA, LONDON, and many others.

            Started in 2017, the fashion-house earned its success because of its versatile ready to wear collection which includes casual to formal (both eastern/western) made to perfection that’s meant to be worn by modern women of every age and race. Keeping this in mind, while accepting and promoting the beauty and individuality of each woman, their age, size and aesthetics.

            Staying true to the name of the brand, LÉNAIM focuses on producing apparel that is fashionable, stylish and timeless – by introducing outfits that have trendy silhouettes and are majorly made of finest fabric and intricate embroidery. LÉNAIM design clothes that are unique, effortless and perfect for every event and occasion.

Our goal is to provide best quality stitched and designed product to perfection to your doorstep.

LÉNAIM also offers bespoke dresses made to perfection according to our customer.

Our motto: Fashion for Everyone!

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